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Our Customer Service Team is available to take your calls daily during the following

Business hours:

Monday thru Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm & 10:00pm-7:00am (KST)

* Click here to use the time zone converter.


Toll Free:

How to order

Order is processed as below:
Step 1: Search for products.
Step 2: Add products to your shopping cart.
Step 3: Log in with a member ID or non-member order.
Step 4: Fill in the order form.
Step 5: Proceed with payment.
Step 6: Complete the order and you will see the order number.


We Accept Following Methods of Payment

PayPal & Eximbay & Credit cards (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, DISCOVER) & UnionPay

※Please understand that there may be changes in price due to currency exchange rate.
The final purchase amount is fixed at the exchange rate that was reflected at the time of payment.
No further payment or difference will be charged or refunded due to changes in exchange rate after purchase.


  • Shipping Method : Selected by customer
  • Shipping Area :
  • Shipping Rate : Selected by customer
  • Delivery Time : 7 - 10 days

  • ■Shipping Rates & Delivery
    Below are the delivery methods available with estimated arrival time and cost.

    S/S Season (Mar ~ Aug)
    F/W Season (Sep ~ Feb)
    Fastbox Economy
    Over $200
    Free Shipping
    Over $200
    Below $200
    Below $200
    Fastbox Mail
    Over $200
    Over $200
    Below $200
    Below $200
    United Kingdom
    Fastbox Mail
    Over $200
    Over $200
    Below $200
    Below $200
    Fastbox Premium
    Over $200
    Over $200
    Below $200
    Below $200
    New Zealand
    Fastbox Mail
    Over $200
    Over $200
    Below $200
    Below $200
    Fastbox Mail
    Over $150
    Free Shipping
    Over $150
    Free Shipping
    Below $150
    Below $150
    Fastbox Mail
    Over $150
    Free Shipping
    Over $150
    Free Shipping
    Below $150
    Below $150
    Hong Kong
    Fastbox Standard
    Over $100
    Free Shipping
    Over $100
    Free Shipping
    Below $100
    Below $100

    - Item Preparation Time (for in-stock items): Around 7-10 business days after payment

    - Delivery Time (excluding customs clearance): Around 3-8 business days after dispatch

    - Shipping Courier: Available after dispatch

    - Method of Shipment: Air parcel

    - Tracking time May vary depending by courier
    - Tracking info may be available more than 24 hours after shipment

    Customs and Duties
    The recipient is responsible for all/any import duties and taxes which may occur during international shipments.
    Please be advised that these charges are levied by the destination country and we do not have control over them.

    Track Orders
    Once your order is shipped out, you will receive an email regarding tracking information.
    You can also find information on your shipment at My Account > My Orders.

    For Product Returns due to Reasons Caused by the Customer
    Any product returns due to reasons caused by the customer which includes but not limited to: incorrect shipping address, unidentifiable recipient, unpaid taxes and duties and etc.
    - The returned product will not be re-shipped.
    - The customer is responsible for all/any relevant expenses during The return process such as round-trip shipping, customs and etc. This will be done by either deduction from refunds or extra charges.

    (1) Process for refund requests

    Once the parcel returns, refund will be issued after subtracting all fees and expenses.

    Price will vary depending on shipping methods from the returned product.

    For other countries where are non EMS service regions, refund will be issued in accordance with the EMS Premium Service.

    (2) For re-delivery requests

    There are NO re-deliveries.

Returns & Exchanges

 Return and Exchange (After receipt)

1) Returns due to defective item(s) or wrong delivery
You can return items due to defective item(s) or wrong  delivery. However, exchanges are not accepted. 
Please contact Dark Victory Customer Service via  email within 7 days of  receiving the items.
(Make sure to include the order number, product  code, and pictures of the defective item or wrong delivery.)

Dark Victory bears the international shipping costs for  the return and replacement (if applicable).

Please send us a copy of the receipt for the return  shipping via email within 3 days after return request so that we can reimburse you the  cost.

* Your return is not processed in following conditions:
 - if you ship your item without prior notice.
 - if 7 days have passed since receiving items.
 - if the tags/labels (User guide, boxes, additonal items) of the items are damanged.
 - if there are trace of use (applicaible to defective items as well).
 - due to threads coming out from massive production, or threads which can be seen.
 - due to stains which can be removed by wet wipes.
 - due to wrinkles created by folding.
 - due to stains or damages caused by customer.
 - if items are washed, altered, or dry-cleaned.

When returning the items, all the components including packaging should be in original condition.
* Products can smell due to dyes used in production process. 

2) Returns due to change of mind
We do not accept returns and exchanges due to simple  change of mind.

3) Missing items
If you received your parcel and find any item(s) missing,  please contact Dark Victory Customer Service within 1 day of receipt.
Please keep all the compartments including packaging.  This way we can check for any damages to the parcel or possible repackaging  in the course of delivery.

Order Cancellation or  Change (Before Shipment)

1) Order Cancellation
You can cancel selected items or the entire order.
Cancellations can only be processed if your order is 'Pending' and not yet shipped.
Please contact Dark Victory Customer Service via email  ASAP.

2) Order Change
You can change the color or the size of the item you  ordered. (Unfortunately, you cannot change your order to a different  item/model.)
Changes to order can only be processed if your order is 'Pending' and not yet shipped.
Please contact Dark Victory Customer Service via email  ASAP.

3) Change of Shipping Address
Changes to address can only be processed if your order is  'Pending' and not yet  shipped.
Please contact Dark Victory Customer Service via email  ASAP.

4) When the ordered item is out of stock
We at Dark Victory strive to offer our best service by  processing your order in a timely manner.
However, there are cases in which items are out of stock  due to high demand.
In order to ensure a smooth and fast delivery, in such  cases we will process your order as according to your pre-selected  preference.
- If you selected ‘Refund the sold-out item and dispatch the rest of my order ASAP’, we will  deliver the remaining items except the item out of stock without any further notice.
- If you selected ‘Contact me first and let's think about it’, our customer service  representative will contact you via email or telephone, and you  can decide whether you would like to cancel the sold-out item or the entire order.


It takes 3-5 business days to issue a refund for a returned or cancelled order.

Please be advised that your refund may not be processed until the next billing month depending on your credit card issuer's billing schedule.


Reward Points

■ Pending period for reward points:

  The reward points issued from your orders will be added to your account and stay as Pending for 20 days from delivery before validation to compensate time for returns.

  Meanwhile, you are free to spend your available store credit balance.


■ Requirements:

   If you wish to pay for your order with reward points, you are required to spend a minimum reward point of $1.


■ Cancellation of reward points:

    Pending reward points issued from orders will automatically expire on cancellation or return of the relevant order.

    Your reward points will be cancelled if you close your account.




If you write a review for each product you purchase, we will credit you in reward points.

$1 Point : Text review only per 1 item

$2 Points : Text and Photo review per 1 item

* To confirm your identity, register and sign in before writing your review.

* 1 Point can be used as $1.

* Points will be issued once your review is verified by staff.

* To earn your reward credits, you have to join a membership.

* If the attached photo doesn’t show you are putting on the product or using it, the review points will be issued as Text review.

* Review post is available to write within 30 days after order updated as 'delivered', and review point is also available to issue in this period only.


Membership Level

Dark Victory offers 4 different levels of membership benefits.

You can enjoy exclusive benefits and earn reward points with your purchases at each level.


Accumulated order amount : under $1


Accumulated order amount : $1 ~ under $150

Reward points rate : 1%


Accumulated order amount : $150 ~ under $1,000

Reward points rate : 2%

Benefits : 10% Off birthday coupon


Accumulated order amount : $1,000 ~ under $2,500

Reward points rate : 3%

Benefits : 10% Off birthday coupon


Accumulated order amount : $2,500 ~

Reward points rate : 5%

Benefits : 10% Off birthday coupon and 5% Off coupon every month

* Discount coupons for members will be issued on the first day of every month and are valid for 7 days.

* Birthday coupon is valid for 30 days from the date issued.

* Membership benefits are subject to change.


- You can earn Reward Points by purchasing goods or by participating in various online events.

- You can use your Reward Points for store purchases.

- Reward points are not awarded for cancelled or incomplete orders.

- You can view and manage your Reward Points through your Member Account Info.

- Reward points issued before December 31st will expire on February 1st of the following year. Reward points will also automatically expire for closed accounts.

- Reward Points cannot be redeemed for cash nor transferred to a third party.

- Reward point policies are subject to change. All changes will be notified to members 30 days in advance.

- For deactivated members who don't log in their account within 1 year, earned reward points will be expired on the last day of every month.


※ About E-money

 - [E-money] is online money refunded as store credit for cancelled orders.

 - You can get a refund via E-money. To receive your refund via E-money, please contact Customer Service.

 - Refunds can be issued in E-money for the following cases: failure to refund in original payment method, reimbursement for return shipping (for wrong orders or defective items), payment gateway errors.

※ Difference between Reward Points and E-money

  - Reward Points : The beneficial mileage earned by item purchase or participation of event/promotion

  - E-money : Online money equivalent to cash.

※ E-money Guide

 - You can use E-money to items. $1 of E-money has the same value as $1 in cash.

 - Only members are eligible for E-money. You can check your E-money history in My Page after signing in.

 - E-money can be used along with reward points or discount coupons in your account.

 - There are no limits to using E-money as a payment method.

 - There is no expiry date for refunded E-money.

※ E-money for closed accounts

 - You can close your account in My Page.

 - Once you close your account, all earned Reward Points will expire. However, E-money can be refunded via PayPal if you contact us beforehand.

- You can check the remaining balance of Reward Points and E-money before closing your account. Please contact our Customer Service if you have any E-money left in your account.

 - If you close your account without prior notice, your remaining E-money balance will automatically expire.